Wibson Launch Event Recap: A Wonderful Evening in Barcelona

Image from Wibson “the movie”. Coming soon.

The Wibson Launch Event took place last Tuesday 27th in Barcelona. We wanted to provide more details for those that were unable to attend in person.

First, we would like to thank our featured guest speaker Santi Siri. His impassioned vision for a future of digitally driven democracy was incredibly insightful and inspiring.

Wibson Alpha on-boarding process

Next up, Wibson founder and CEO Mat Travizano took the mic to present the recently completed Wibson Alpha mobile app. The app is deployed on a private Ethereum test network running on top of the Wibson protocol. We built the Wibson Alpha app to help us create the best experience for users to control and monetize their data.

In this initial version, users can connect data sources, such as Facebook accounts and mobile device location, monitor data requests, and sell data in exchange for Wibson Points. We’ve set up a wait list to download the Wibson Alpha app for either iOS or Android. Join the waitlist at wibson.org/mywibson.

Mat also presented a growing list of Wibson partners, including data buyers and strategic data integrators. Partners range from academic projects led by Professors Marta Gonzalez of UC Berkeley and Esteban Moro of Universidad Carlos III and MIT, (who will be using data from Wibson Alpha participants to investigate CO2 emissions and how human behavior is impacted by weather), to fintech companies, like IFT Corporation, a leading digital bank in Singapore, HK, and China, to mobile app providers, such as Healthjump, a health application with 20 million users; Mofiler, a mobile apps partner with more than three million users; and Regalo Original, a personalized e-commerce channel with one million customers.

Mat closed with a quick peek at the Wibson roadmap. Testing will commence with partners immediately and run through the spring as we ramp up for a launch later this year. After the presentations concluded, all the attendees had a chance to enjoy food, drinks and conversation with party guests that included executives from Sprint, BBVA, Santander, Brave, and Telefonica, whose Wayra arm recently invested in Wibson.

Please sign up for the app waiting list. Meanwhile, join our Telegram group for further information and discussion around Wibson.

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