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Wibson partners with Prêmery to expand and improve the ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce that will be working together with Prêmery, a cryptoeconomics financial advisory and consulting company.

Prêmery contributes to the education, introduction, and adoption of Blockchain and Smart Contracts technology within society.

Wibson and Prêmery will work together to keep building the blockchain ecosystem and a decentralized and transparent economy.

“We realized that there’s still a lack of awareness about crypto, blockchain and its potential. We want people and companies to understand the benefits of the technology, and Prêmery is fully aligned with this goal”, says Rodrigo Irarrazaval, Head of Wibson Business Development.

Prêmery will play a vital role in the future of Blockchain education and usability, and will join our existing strategic partners as we strive to grow the Wibson data marketplace. Prêmery brings a wealth of knowledge that we will use to pave the way for expansion of Wibson.

“We are happy to work with Wibson as they already have a mobile app live and people are already selling their data in exchange for tokens. They have a real use case for crypto and blockchain technology and we see a lot of potential working with their team”, says Facundo Guerchi, Premery’s Co-founder.

We hope you join us in giving them the warmest possible welcome to the Wibson family!

Please stay tuned for more upcoming exciting updates, including our Bounty campaign, developments on the ecosystem, new partnerships and much more!

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