Wibson partners with Se Socio

Sep 10 · 1 min read

We are very happy to announce that Wibson and Se Socio will be working together and combining capabilities to empower individuals and companies to help each other in a decentralized way.

Se Socio is the leading investment marketplace in Latin America and allows people to invest in a wide variety of projects through crowdfunding. Thus diversifying users’ portfolios, reducing risk and democratizing the world of investment.

The company helps inexperienced investors to access a world previously reserved for few. Their investment options range from the most traditional, such as real estate businesses or start-ups, to the most modern, such as cryptocurrencies.

By partnering with Se Socio, Wibson will further its mission to empower individuals, not only by selling their data, but also giving them the opportunity to base their financial interactions on blockchain smart contracts.

Wibson and Se Socio will be working together and combining efforts to expand and improve the ecosystem, while in the near future, our plan is that the company joins the Wibson data marketplace as a new buyer.


A blockchain-based decentralized marketplace empowering individuals to monetize their data

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