Wibson Update 09.06.2018

Team Update

Amazing news on our team growth! In the last two weeks we have added two additional software engineers to our app and network team and a new social media staffer. A big Wibson welcome to Agustin Modugno and Juan Carrillo who will be building out the capabilities of the data marketplace. We have also added a new Community Management leader in Fiorella Scantamburlo who brings her wealth of experience in social media and digital advertising to Wibson. Welcome aboard Fiorella.

Website Translated to Japanese

Wibson.org is now up and running in Japanese. We had a tremendous response during our two recent visits to Japan as part of the Wibson Own Your Data World Tour and now we can continue to grow the support for Wibson in Japan online.


Wibson App Testing Phase

Thanks to all our Alpha data owners for continuing to use the Wibson Alpha App. This week we kicked off our internal testing program for the final app release candidate. The Wibson team will be testing this near final version of the app so it can be launched to the general public in the near future.

Wibson Short Film Teaser

The Wibson short film will be here soon. Have a look at this teaser clip we’ll be releasing on our social channels

Wibson in Block-Clip

With the success of our second Asia tour, we have continued to build the Wibson community in China and Japan. During our stop in Tokyo, Base Inc (Blockchain Asia Solution Enterprise) interviewed Rodrigo Irarrazaval, Wibson’s Growth lead. Watch the complete interview on Block Clip here: https://www.block-clip.com/videos/detail/545

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