Wibson Update 10.25.2019

Oct 25, 2019 · 2 min read

Here is the latest about Wibson and Data Privacy around the world.

Wibson Token Anniversary

We celebrated the Wibson Token (WIB) Anniversary on October 11th. The token launched in 2018, and so far it has been listed on Bittrex, Bitforex and Coinsuper.

The WIB is the utility token that is used by companies to buy data in the Wibson Data Marketplace. You can check out more information about the token on our website.

Wibson community

We have been participating in several events this month. The most noteworthy being Devcon V in Osaka, Japan, an annual gathering held by the Ethereum Foundation.

“Devcon V was amazing, a unique experience as the argentinean community was very active in the event,’’ said Rodrigo Irarrazaval, Head of Business Development of Wibson.

The Wibson team fully supports the Ethereum Buenos Aires initiative to bring the event to Argentina next year. “ It would be incredible to be able to receive the entire ethereum community next year in our country and make it possible for # DevconBA2020 to happen.”, added Rodrigo.

The team also participated in a workshop at IAE Business School; in Crypto Mondays and in Ethereum BA, where the Wibson Reward Marketplace was presented. The audience was very intrigued by the new use case that the Wibson Token will have with this new feature in the app.

Wibson App

In only a few weeks, Data Owners will be able to exchange their WIBs on the Reward Marketplace without leaving the app. Rewards will be discounts for products, credit for services or donations. Here are some images on how the app will look like.

This will be a huge step towards the adoption of the Wibson app. Stay tuned for more updates!

Data Privacy

Reports on privacy breaches all around the world have been published in the latest weeks. In Brazil, an investigation revealed that the data of 92 million citizens was for sale on underground forums.

In Argentina, the app MovyPark admitted that a security breach leaked the data from thousands of users.

You can find more news about Data Privacy on our Twitter account where we post updates about the most recent stories. The issue is debated daily in the media worldwide as awareness of people’s rights over their data increases. These security breaches show us that we are on the right path in protecting data privacy since our launch in 2018.

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