Sandwich Origins

The situation reminded me of the time when my mother used to roll some vegetable for me in a parantha (wheat made tortillas) at home whenever I used to get late for the school to eat on my way. I was in Milan, getting ready for my college and was wondering what to have for breakfast. I was a part of Student exchange Program and had been eating out since the past few days. Every meal costed me $5 and I was losing money like anything.

All I would get was a pie of Pizza and a glass of wine or a spaghetti. It was another issue that I didn’t consume meat and it limited my options not only by the type of food but also by the places to eat.

Something clicked my mind and I went to the Esselunga store in front of my hostel, bought multi grain bread, a pack of iceberg lettuce, olive oil, tomatoes and a tray of eggs. Coming back, I rushed to the kitchen made omelette, added the tomato slices, heated the bread with a tinge of oil, spread the lettuce leaves and created a Sandwich all by myself.

When I took a bite, it was weird in the beginning, as I had missed the salt. However, I do not know if it was the taste of hunger or the I actually made it well. But as the saying goes, “Your favorite voice is your own”

Thus began, my adventures and experiments with the bread and eggs. As that was all I could consume aside the vegetables. From next day, I decided to bring in my creativity from all spheres and asked my fellow mates (the lab rats) to get everything they feel like having in the burger they prepare. They came up with Bacon, Cheese Spreads, Cheese slices, sausages and everything that could be thought of. I came with my own collection of vegetables including broccoli, mushrooms, beans, carrot, beetroot, spinach and coriander for the stingy seasoning that offered a unique taste.

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I came up with such assortments that created one of the yummiest sandwiches that we had every had. I also got inputs from them as they would suggest me pan frying some of the ingredients and then mixing them up with the huge assortments of sauces that we have including the Southwest, Barbecue and the Sweet Onion.

It gave me insight to come up with some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. It’s the harsh times when you actually feel like a sandwich that make you make one.

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