The Sandwich of People — A play of ingredients

Act 1 Scene 1

Your eyes open with great effort in the dark room and you look at the curtains which appear as if a bomb has been detonated behind them. The sunlight behind the curtains is waiting to blind your eyes. The alarm, which has been on since 6am is still playing your favorite song repeatedly.

Just like the past 365 days, you decided while sleeping that you’ll go to the gym and utilize the yearly membership you took way back in the winters last year or maybe you thought you’ll take a morning walk witnessing the great change your best friend experienced due to her regular workout. However, you hesitantly get out of your bed take up your mobile phone which is somewhere inside your quilt and stand up shocked thinking that you’re getting late for office/college. To get ready in a jiffy, you decide that the most suitable breakfast to have is the cereal from the box full of preservatives and some milk or probably quickly made noodles from that glittery pack.

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That’s it. you consumed your first double cheese, double mayo, double potato patty fried calorie burger of the day.

I feel that our life from the morning till the evening is made up of these choices of sandwiches.

Either the Green Leafy Sandwich that you could have had had you woken up at 6, did some cardio or strength training; or the super calorific Cheese burger that is tasty but dangerous in the long run while being wrapped in a quilt in an AC chamber.
Act 2 Scene 1

Things get serious. You’re busy in your work. You’ve forgotten about your breakfast long time back and there’s an important meeting in office. It’s urgent and of uttermost importance.Well, in there, everything is of supreme importance. You’ve been at this job for 3 years. You’ve been giving everything to your project. The company is making huge profits out of it. Regular appraisals, 2 percent above your colleagues and you feel like the most important entity in your project. Well, that just says it , I guess just the entity.

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But yeah, you’re the master of this project, know it in and out. Your boss has just arrived and asking you to do something that you don’t comply with at all. You know the consequence of this action would be bad for your project. You’ve tried this before and it was miserable but the boss is always right. No option but to execute it.

There it goes, you just had your Double Cheese burst pizza with extra sweet Chocolate shake. The day has just started.

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You could have avoided it. Every time you look at the guitar at your home and see your friends on weekend performing in different places. You often think how you should decided to continue the band and be a performer like you wanted to be throughout your life. Trust me, no harm in starting now. That would have been your Super leafy spinach and beans fiber Sandwich.

Act 2 Scene 2

Let bygones be bygones. You are quite satisfied. A hefty and irrefutable salary package is much better than the uncertain and luck dependent stage shows that depended more on the audience response than your efforts. Well, is it the same here ? Anyway, you’re burdened under the weight of the thoughts that have been bombarding your brain.

It’s already 4 and you didn’t realize how you’ve skipped your lunch. You walk up to the local little outlets and find Aloo Pakora (Potato wrapped in bread and Gram Flour fried in mustard oil) that you know will definitely lift your mood. Feeling hot, you order a Soda drink which will make you feel good. You had an awesome chocolate pastry of stress with a super active Soda and fresh oil.

You could have had a tasty fibrous salad but you chose the Oil Dripping patty over your meal.

Act 2 Scene 3

After office, the whole team decided to go for a party as the things are tough now and and also, its a Friday. All your colleagues and you have been a part of the project and worked the assess off. So the party is an ideal remedy for all the diseases. You reach the local pubs and the best part of the party is the booooozzz………


You had your first beer and it made you think about the junk that you’ve had since morning emotionally and physically. You think about it and the next one is more tasty. Your best friend brings in some shots and you can’t stop and then you just can’t stop dancing. All the heavy starters go in with the Cigarettes and Smoke that fills the air. It’s an atmosphere that you were longing for. Something that could’ve set you free.

The harsh reality is that it is the final lock, one that binds you to the crispy cheesy mayo rich stale wheat flour burger filled with other juicy sauces and super fried potato patty. You could have chosen the multi grain lettuce rich leafy and fibrous sandwich with olive oil dressing.
Act 1 Scene 2

This act starts as a continuity loop.

So finally, you come back home (hopefully your own), the clock has struck 3 of the morning. The night is still dark for the one who dropped you but you feel cozy, close to your bed. Your bed attracts you like a magnet calls the little pins. You’re drunk, bloated with the starters, hazy in the thoughts and still tired. The day ends in the bed, curled up in the blanket, AC on.

The next day begins in the same pace and you pick up your phone at a time and weekend helps you bring down all the agitation that was built during the weekdays. You relax, watch TV, have few beers, brunches, late night TV and a movie outside with friends.

Has junk become our staple food ? Are you filling the right ingredients in the sandwich of your life? Is the ketchup in your sandwich made up of the right ingredient ? Is it fibrous or stale meat ? Life will always be a sandwich. However, you will always be the creator.

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