Apple Introduces a New Pay-Per-Install Ad Service

Apple has announced to extend its Search Ads platform with Search Ads Basic. A new tool for developers to help promote their apps in the App Store more easily.

Adjust Your Ads at Any Time

The Basic Service represents a pay-per-installation system where developers must first choose the app they want to promote and then have to determine the maximum monthly budget (which is currently up to $5000) and the maximum cost per install they are willing to pay for it. Apple will then automatically generate an ad for you, which shows up in the App Store. Developers can then review the achievement of the ad and adjust their budget or even cancel the service at any time. Or As Apple states:

Search Ads Basic brings you quality app installs with minimal effort at a predictable cost. Just set your goals and let us do the rest.

Right Now Only in the US

Currently this service is only in the US, but most likely it will release in more countries over the next few months.

High Potential to Increase Downloads and Revenue

Search Ads Basic has the potential to allow smaller app developers to increase their share of both downloads and revenue. So lets just hope it will release in other countries sooner than later!

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