GitHub Enterprise — The best way to build and ship software

GitHub Enterprise Partnership

Widgetlabs recently joined forces with GitHub. Stay tuned for more!

GitHub Enterprise is the on-premises version of GitHub, which you can deploy and manage in your own, secure environment.


With GitHub Enterprise, code collaboration and review are built into the development process. Your team can share work, discuss changes, and get feedback all in one place.


Manage permissions from one place with SAML or LDAP Sync. You can invite cross-team collaboration on GitHub, while providing essential controls for employees and contractors alike.

Hosting Options

GitHub Enterprise is available on VMware, AWS, and OpenStack KVM — on your own servers or in a private cloud. Plus, you can configure your instance to meet your security and regulatory needs.


Use built in tools like the Site Admin dashboard to administer your GitHub Enterprise instance. Review your license, browse user reports, initiate an SSH key audit, and more.