Global app downloads topped 175 billion

A brief summary of the amount of app downloads in 2017 and a forecast for the upcoming year.

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App Annie released some important facts about the App Stores yesterday morning. As summarized by techcrunch, the global app market has topped 175 billion app downloads and consumer spending exceeded 86 billion dollars in 2017.

Downloads in India have increased significantly

In terms of the worldwide total amount of app downloads, India has now reached the second place. This represents a significant change compared to last year’s global App market. Overall, app downloads in India have increased by 215 percent over the last two years, compared with 125 percent growth in China and a negative growth of 5 percent in the USA.

Source: App Annie

Consumer spending has doubled

On the consumer side, the investments in the different App Stores has also doubled over the last two years. At the end of 2017 consumer spendings had reach 86 billion dollars. Another interesting comparison that illustrates the scale of these figures was made by 9to5mac: This year, the iOS App Store alone will become larger than the entire global film industry.

Source: App Annie

No end to growth in sight

According to App Annie, the app market will continue to grow significantly in the upcoming year. According to a recent forecast, global consumer spending will rise to 110 billion dollars in 2018.

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