Announcing WidgetStack — A new kind of plugin studio

Saurabh Y
Saurabh Y
Dec 18, 2020 · 3 min read

Hey, We, @savydv and @kantbtrue, are makers. We make stuff online like QDONOW, Themes For App, Engigogo, Eposo, DesignThingy, send out a weekly newsletter called Initiator Creator.

We are building WidgetStack for a simple reason; we have some ideas that we like to develop and share with others. But these project ideas are too small to launch as an independent project and too good to ignore. We decided to launch all these small project ideas that we had throughout these years and would like to launch under a single platform called WidgetStack.

We have imagined WidgetStack as a studio to create unique widgets and plugins for WordPress (primarily) websites. If you’re wondering, “There are already thousands of studios who are making plugins then what is new with WidgetStack.” The simple reason is these plugins are the result of our struggle to find a plugin that we’re looking for for our other projects. The plugins at WidgetStack have little or no other alternative.

The primary goal of this project is to make:

  1. provide unique features to your current WordPress stack through plugins and widgets to add some awesome functionality that you otherwise need to hire someone to develop for you.
  2. Long terms of active support. We’re building all the plugins as micro-SaaS as we want to create the platform sustainable to provide long-term updates and support. ( We never use the term lifetime, as we all know nothing is a lifetime in tech )
  3. powerful yet easy to use and implement.

We are launching the first two plugins with the WidgetStack meta launch: the Etta list and the Nulog WordPress plugin.

Etta List

Etta list is a content curation WordPress plugin to add a list creation feature on your website. You can create an individual item card with features like upvotes etc., or you can create a library of items to create a blog post like “X+ Best Tools For Something.”

You can create an alternative to WPbegineer, WPkube, Techmeme, zapier blog-like posts using the Etta list.

The main feature which makes it stand out from the crowd is the upvote feature. Through this feature, your visitors can upvote for the item/products that they use the most.


Nulog plugin is a changelog WordPress plugin. You can use this plugin to create a changelog section on your website. You can also use it for various other purposes as we created it for flexible use. You can use it to create info cards, timeline, review section, news bulletin carousel slider, etc.

In case you are wondering why WordPress, then I would say because WordPress is the most popular, and most people know how to use it at the base level. Also, it is easy to deploy.

After release, our next goal is to make a chrome extension to collect the links and automate the entire process.

Also, we will keep releasing the new plugins, features, and updates as they are ready. Let me know what you think, and I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions!

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