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Continuous X | Triumph of DevOps

Continuous X | Success of DevOps | Widle Studio LLP
Continuous X | Success of DevOps
  1. All builds should pass the sanity test (optimistic scenarios, less than 5 minutes)
  2. Commit changes in small bits
  3. Don’t leave the build broken, fix it
  4. Use a Trunk-based (master) development approach
  5. Build should return a status, a log, and an artifact/increment
  1. Only build artifacts once, don’t encourage rebuild
  2. Artifacts should be immutable, and shouldn’t change
  3. The staging environment should be a copy of the Production
  4. Stop deploys if a previous step fails
  5. Deployment should be idempotent
  1. Use a toolchain to automate the whole process
  2. Continually expand and improve the toolchain
  3. Use a shared version control mechanism
  4. Automated Metrics, monitoring, alerting
  5. Treat infrastructure as code (IaC)



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