How I Found a Way for Widows to Share Words and Foster Hope

Introducing my new publication, Widowed Words

Danell teNyenhuis Black
Widowed Words


Photo by Vonecia Carswell on Unsplash

I have been a widow for nearly eight years. In the first few weeks and months, I desperately needed a way to process my grief and find a path forward.

Writing became a way to let my feelings out. After posting on social media and receiving encouragement from friends and family, I started a blog, My Life After Patrick, and wrote a story about the day my husband died.

I also searched for books and blogs written by others who had been widowed or lost a life partner. The first book I found helpful was one I had read before my husband’s death, Radical Survivor, by Nancy Saltzman. I reread the book and decided if Nancy could survive the loss of her husband and two sons, I could survive Patrick’s loss.

I wrote this story about Nancy’s book:

Some helpful blogs were Ten Thousand Days by Bob Millsap, Better not Bitter Widower by John Polo, Runaway Widow by Kristin Meekhof, and One Fit Widow by Michelle