Bringing Blockchain To The Block?

WIF AX — Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator — brings blockchain to the block using Qualified Opportunity Zones.

WIF AX, LLC. Manager Barbara Bickham (second to the right).

“Our strategy is about next generation investors, entrepreneurs, and jobs; and we believe that Blockchain technology will help facilitate that now and in the future,” says WIF AX LLC Manager, Barbara Bickham, just after attending CIS L.A., where she spoke on the Future of Blockchain and DLT Technology panel along with industry heavyweights: Robert Beadles (far left), Guy Robert, Jeremy Born, and the one and only, Brock Pierce (far right).

Qualified Opportunity Zone (“QOZ”) is part of the 2017 JOBS Act granting tax incentives for funds invested in economically-challenged areas of the U.S., and WIF AX has carried the banner of entrepreneurship and technology becoming key creator employment within those zones.

“All jobs are not equal, and as we strive to better the communities targeted by QOZ, we must seek to bring quality employment. Many Americans tire of endless opportunities to take on low-wage positions. It is an insult to not value someone’s time and effort, and the feeling of being overworked and underpaid is demoralizing. So in order to raise the quality of life within QOZ areas, we must bring quality companies and employment.”

“Blockchain technology is a part of the answer. The industry is here to stay, and it provides excellent wage-earning positions. At that same time, we at WIF AX believe that those jobs make Blockchain real, creating real-world use cases that create the next generation workforce,” Barbara concludes.



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