Power to the people #FixPowerNow

Over the past few years I have visited several countries and wondered what ignited my muse for doing what I love when I visited these countries. Was it the experience of traveling or meeting people with diverse tradition? Oh well, I concluded on that and my new hobby was now traveling in pursuit of happiness and whenever I returned home (Nigeria) I lose it completely. Right from the airports, especially when I arrived at nights with no electric power, the heat, unwelcoming hardship that awaits you and the list of demoralizing issues keep rolling in.

To my greatest surprise, since the almost constant power supply in my home and office somewhere in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria in these recent months (since March 2015), I suddenly have that urge for work rekindled in me.

Eureka! It was electric power. Could this truly be the solution for reviving the economy of the nation as proposed by the popular opinion? I beg to agree. I have suddenly forgotten the headaches of running a generator for which led me to procure an inverter twice (the second was an upgrade) all because of this miracle in my locality. Besides the comfort, I save money from the unspent fund from running and maintaining a power generating plant as our dear country had forced each and every TAX paying citizen to generate their own power, water, employment etc.

Only if government can #FixPower in Nigeria, with the savings from operating and maintenance of independent power plants being factored as a reduction in the cost of production. This would have a direct effect on the cost of goods and services in the entire nation as well as an incentive for business to grow and attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as they do so.

Thus I use this medium to call on well meaning Nigerians to ask the government led by President Mohammed Buhari to focus on power after security which I believe is their utmost priority now.

#IBelieveInNigeria #FixPowerNow

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