wiji at devcon iv : debrief

Friday night was our last night at devcon4. We definitely spent a crazy week. We attend high quality conferences and had great meetings. We have pitched wiji to many people and all feedback are unanimous: we are already bringing an added value to the blockchain’s environment.

After a great kick-off by Vitalik Buterin, we really appreciated the spirit of the conference under the motto “B-U-I-D-L” to involve people in building the Ethereum ecosystem for a more transparent and open world.

In this universe, make things change is THE STANDARD (and it can go as far as building an entirely city blockchain oriented — look here). During the various talks, we were able to test our project and receive many encouragements and feedback. This experience reinforces our determination and it’s a real pleasure to be a part of this incredible community!

We want to thank Kyber Network, The Bee Token, Tezorum, Origin Protocol, My Ether Wallet, FOMO Media, hex-capital, Greg Colvin from Ethereum. You have been amazing and we are eager to see you again !