An Incomplete List of Complete WikiHouse Projects

Thanks to Angela Cois @RoominoHQ and @FFoundersSlack who inspired this list.

The WikiHouse project has been finding it’s way all around the globe (literally) - I first found out about the project in New Zealand before beginning to work with the WikiHouse Foundation in London as a Community Host, amongst other things. Over the last few years we have hosted a digital commons library of projects hosted on Google Drive. It was never the ideal platform (especially for an Open Source project) but it served an immediate need that surfaced when the first set of files were shared. You’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

As it continues to mature, the WikiHouse Foundation has started some exciting work on the next phase of the project; creating the digital infrastructure to support the ever developing, open source hardware system and it’s procurement, by anyone (with an internet connection).

In the meantime, I wanted to offer a really simple directory that would list projects that have been built around the world. Below is a template of how each project will be laid out. Each listing will have hyperlinks that lead you to the projects home. If you want your project listed, please DM me on twitter with the details shown in the template below. If any information below is incorrect please also just DM me.

The below list will eventually be added to a map and listed on our website.

Project Name: (Make it special to your build not ‘My House’)

Project Brief (140 characters): (‘Two story farmhouse built for family of four’)
Core Team: (This shouldn’t be more than 5 people, we can include a link to show a more exhaustive list of contributors)


Project Brief: Two story, 3 bedroom farmhouse built for Janet and Martin by ArchitectureOO
Core Team: Alastair Parvin, Architecture00

The A-Barn

Project Brief: A garage space with a small loft studio space in the apex.
Core Team: Architecture00

dot-Architects Pavilion

Project Brief: A forked MircoHouse design prototype using high density PVC board and externally clad with polycarbonate sheet.
Core Team: Ning Duo

Fountain Bridge Community Pavilion

Photo taken by Akiko Kobayashi

Project Brief: A community space for classes, meetings, workshops. The model has been built in Glasgow & Edinburgh.
Core Team: Jane Jones, Akiko Kobayashi

PPES Reading Hut

Project Brief: A reading room at Pei-Ping Elementary School in TaipeiCore Core Team: June-Hao Hou, Andy Wen, Kevin Wang


Project Brief: Demonstration model, based on WikiHouse NY Makerfaire model, for expositions and events, ended up as a small garden shed. 
Core Team: Jan Willem de Groot, Peter Veldmans, Vincent Muller


Project Brief: Showcase in the showroom of ICDuBo in Rotterdam. Experimented with round shape with stairs, introduction of a second floor, cutted with robotic arm from car industries and our first time worked with OSB panels.
Core Team: Jan Willem de Groot, Vincent Muller, Aart van der Wilt, Vincent Wegener, Leon Spikker


Project Brief: Pop Up Green Office made in 2015, a small interior wikihouse shed with integrated a meeting table with benches for Hogeschool Leiden. Still in use and moves to different places in the school building.
Core Team: Vincent Muller, Piet-Hein van der Ploeg, Rik Zandvoort


Maslow CNC

Maslow is a large (4'x8') CNC cutting machine designed to let you “print” big, useful things out of wood and other flat materials.


A CNC-fabricated mallet for use during assembly of the Wren chassis.

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