WikiHouse News

This is the beginning of WikiHouse News, a medium publication that will invite a range of WikiHouse Contributors to share developments, news, and updates happening around the project.

WikiHouse Foundation develops digital building systems and tools that make it simple to build beautiful, sustainable homes. The first technology Wren, is available for download on Github.

The process from design and manufacturing to assembly

A WikiHouse Contributor is an individual or team that has interest in developing and improving WikiHouse Technologies. This could include architects, designers, engineers, project managers, software developers, community leaders, doers, thinkers; anyone that is making WikiHouse a reality by testing and developing it.

Recently, we have seen a number of exciting projects popping up so we’re encouraging these contributors to share about their experience.

Since the inception of WikiHouse, the project has existed primarily in the hardware space. Using some basic third-party apps, we have enabled contributors to share design files and learnings across a global community. We are now moving into the next stage of development as we build the online ‘open-chain’ platform. Our aim is to develop solutions, standards and shared digital supply chains for an open, distributed economy. Where every citizen and small business has access to the knowledge and tools to build affordable and sustainable homes.

Two unskilled self-builders refer to the ‘FarmHouse’ assembly manual for guidance

As well as sharing insights from people using WikiHouse systems and general updates, the publication will provide an insight into the continued development of the ‘open-chain’ online platform and the work of WikiHouse Foundation.

Are you actively exploring WikiHouse in your community and do you have a story or insight you’d like to share, let us know. We are open to hearing all types of stories, from all types of people. You don’t have to be a highly skilled author or have an English major. You just have to bring your unique personal experience and point of view to the table.

This is WikiHouse News.

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