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A New York presence for WikiTribune

Charlie Turner: our man on the ground in NYC

We’re expanding the staff team as we prepare for launch, including bringing in talent beyond the initial base around our office in the UK.

One of the new recruits to Team WikiTribune is our first U.S. staffer Charlie Turner, an intern from City University of New York. Here’s a quick Q&A.

Meet Charlie

Hi! My name is Charlie Turner, I’m an American journalist who’s trying to find new ways of involving audiences in the news reporting process. I even went to school for it.

I did a little reporting in Myanmar last year, and I plan on continuing coverage of the country as it continues to transition towards democracy.

How did you come to join WikiTribune?

I learned about WikiTribune through my graduate program, the City University of New York’s school of Social Journalism. So during my last semester, I lent my services as a dedicated intern based in New York City.

Why did you want to intern here in particular?

I see the biggest problem with journalism today is that content often does not reflect the experience of those who consume the news. Unemployment statistics don’t reflect on what the labor market is actually like, major government reforms don’t connect with life on the ground. WikiTribune gives people the chance to report, with proper citations, all sides of story in a way that a single journalist simply doesn’t have the time to accomplish. That’s why I joined as an intern.

What were you doing before your internship?

I did some freelance reporting in Myanmar, fun stuff and serious stuff. For the past year though, I’ve been in this graduate program. My capstone project is to facilitate a fact-based dialogue on the Rohingya situation between the different ethnic minorities of Myanmar, similar to what SpaceShip Media did between Trump and Hillary supporters in the 2016 election.

Proudest achievement so far in life?

Last year, I won a game of geography trivia by naming all of the countries of Asia and their capitals.

It was a crowded bar so the competition was fierce.

For more, follow Charlie on Twitter @charlesmichio or take a look at his photography website.