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Know someone who should work at WikiTribune?

Recommend us a great journalist — especially if it’s you

We’ve already hired several journalists, from emerging talent to more experienced hands. But, because we want to get the newsroom mix right, we’re still looking for skilled people with a sense of what modern reporting, curation and production involves.

This story from Poynter gives a sense of where we’re going journalistically, and here’s the founder, Jimmy Wales, on why he set up WikiTribune.

We’re committed to a newsroom that’s diverse, not only in terms of gender identity, orientation and race but also in factors like age and socioeconomic background. We want people who reflect the full spectrum of the audience.

Right now we’re most open to staff roles in London where our small team is bonding. We’re aiming to hire further afield when we can. And of course, we will soon be opening up channels for you to sign up to join the WikiTribune Community to offer editing, reporting, fact-checking or any other expertise.

We’re open to part-time and flexible work. People from groups that are under-represented in journalism are encouraged to apply.

It helps if you have:

  • Fluency in languages in addition to English
  • Video or podcasting experience
  • Wikipedia experience
  • Tech or media startup experience
  • Passion for news and its impact on humans

But we’re most interested in who you are and what perspectives you can bring to WikiTribune and our future audience.

We’d really appreciate you sharing this post. Post it on Twitter and LinkedIn or even Google Plus. Email it to people who aren’t “journalists” per se. Post it on your community noticeboard. Wherever you think great reporters or producers might be found, that’s where we want to be.

For potential applicants, please email jobs ( @ ) WikiTribune dot com, with what you think “sells” you best— a traditional CV and covering letter, a video, a list of article ideas, or something else.

We look forward to meeting you.