Stay hungry

Early in your design career you’re like an insatiable monster. Consuming all content like Godzilla let loose on the streets of Tokyo. You try to learn everything. You adopt as many methods and best practices as you can. You read every book possible, you attend every conference. You’re unstoppable.

Inevitably as you progress through your career, some of that drive and desire naturally dissipates. This is natural and normal, but remember to keep an eye on it.

Speaking from experience, my progression from entrepreneurial go-get-em life into agency life coincided with a dip in my hunger and that insatiability. It was well-founded – I was busy working on that long stem in my ‘T-shape’ and bettering the aspects of my work that needed improving. But as my head was down on project work I stopped looking around. I stopped coming up for air. And by all accounts that lack of oxygen stifled some of the fire I used to have.

Learn from me. Stay hungry. Keep a side hustle going. Keep reading. If that fire hose of UDC (Unstoppable Design Content™) feels like it’s too much, don’t fret. Just double down on the things you need to know to get you further down the path you want to take, and ignore the rest. But be like Godzilla.

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