Upcoming Workshops 2016/17

A quick round-up of training and workshops I’m running in the next few months.

I’ve suddenly found myself with a fairly busy (for me) schedule of training courses coming up.

To make it easy for people to find out what’s happening, here’s a quick run-down.

6th December 2016 — Working with Money: Making it work for you

Just a few places left on this day of untangling a few people’s relationships with money. We’ll be exploring the nature of money, playing a money game (hilariously awkward fun) and learning how to reprogram our beliefs around the stuff.

Details and tickets

17th December 2016 — Working with Needs: Fundamentals (Parents’ special)

A one-day training on the fundamentals of NVC and working with needs. I realised that when you have young kids, it’s the time you’re least well resourced but need this work the most. So this is a super low-cost, weekend, ‘bring your non-mobile baby’ workshop.

Details and tickets

17th January 2017 — Working with Needs: Fundamentals

A one-day introduction to the Needs Work. Sharing the core concepts of NVC and how I apply it in Working with Needs. A mix of experiential exercises, dialogue and personal reflection, giving people a foundation practice to start working with the practices.

Details and tickets

Date TBC 2017 — Art of Hosting Brighton (and Beyond)

A three-day participatory leadership training teaching the core practices and philosophy of this approach to working with purpose and compassion. A deeply reflective and practical course, taking everyone on a journey to ask what leadership really means and how they’ll bring this to life in their work.

What’s most special about this training is we’re working on building capacity in this city, by using this question as a lens for our training:

“How do we build businesses and communities where everyone can lead, to create a city where everyone feels they matter and belong?”

Details of how to buy a place will be here in the next fortnight.

So — that’s it! If you want to request a training in your city, and you’re up for helping to organise it, give me a shout: max@beingwildthings.com



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