First Exhibit in Wild Goose Creative’s New Space in Franklinton

Artists Dana Lynn Harper and Lucie Shearer’s upcoming duo show ‘halfway here’ coincides with the grand opening of Wild Goose Creative in Franklinton. Join us on July 9, 6–9pm to view the show and celebrate the start of our new future at 188 McDowell Street. RSVP here!

What pushed you to collaborate together?

Lucie: We knew of- and admired- one another’s work for a long time but only actually met in person about two years ago. We immediately hit it off with a mutual interest in each other’s creative voices and use of colors and talked about the possibility of collaborating one day

Dana: I’ve been making work full time for the past 7 years, working solo is great but when you’re not in school, it’s hard to keep those new ideas, techniques and inspirations coming in. I admired Lucie’s work well before I approached her about collaborating, I loved her use of color and how she portrays light. I could see similar themes and concepts in our work as well and thought it would be easy to find a way to work together. When you find that many similarities I think it’s natural to want to connect and learn from the other person. Collaborating is a great way to learn and grow at a quicker pace than I could on my own.

What keeps you creating in Columbus?

Lucie: For awhile, Columbus was ‘just the place where I went to college’ and the plan was always to go somewhere bigger or more exciting. I’d had this idea in my head that it was what you were supposed to do to be successful. But the longer I live here and connect with others, the deeper my roots grow. My friends have become my family and there’s not much that would take me from away from that. My art is the main way I connect with others and build new relationships. So I like to think that by continuing to create, then I continue to grow, not only as a person, but in my network of friends and family.

Dana: Like Lucie I have thought about leaving many times, but there’s a true sense of community here. I feel claustrophobic sometimes, but I feel at home here. I use residencies as my way to travel and experience new ways of life.

What was the process like creating together, Did you use the same palette when creating a coherent piece?

Dana Lynn Harper “Fading Gate”

Lucie: We originally wanted to collaborate on every piece, but with the restrictions put on us with Covid and the shutdown, we sort of halted and had to pivot in what our collaborative process would look like. It took awhile to find our footing, and we ended up doing a more “this inspired that” process. We share photos back and forth and discuss colors and meaning. It has allowed each of us to try new things that we may not have done otherwise.

Dana: Like Lucie said, we really went in wanting to make every piece together, but that proved really difficult with covid, but also the process in which we both work. I really don’t like to plan anything and I feel that’s a hard space to enter if you don’t work that way. I had to really let go of worrying about the show as a whole and just start producing. Once production started, it was much easier to find the similarities and expand on them. I definitely made some work that I would have never considered after seeing paintings that Lucie had made. And that’s very exciting, to see yourself moving in different directions and exploring unfamiliar compositions, materials and color palettes.

What does this show mean to you?

Lucie: For me, finally having the art up in the gallery will be a very emotional moment — it’s a culmination of coming out of a tough period in my life. A big part of making it through the last 18 months has been connecting with my inner self, working on this show and connecting with others by begin vulnerable and real.

Dana: It’s an honor to be the opening show at the new Wild Goose space in Franklinton. Being able to showcase my work in this context while also exhibiting alongside another woman I admire is a beautiful experience. This is the first in-person exhibition I’ve been able to be a part of since Covid. I’ve been shipping work across the US for shows, but to have an exhibition in my hometown and to be present with that work feels like a rare experience because it hasn’t happened in a very long time. The pandemic really caused me to slow down, giving me more time to consider what was going on in studio. The time gave me more freedom to explore new ideas and techniques. So many ideas bloomed from me in such a fluid way, which felt really good. I also found this chemistry with Lucie, this back and forth exchange of ideas and aesthetics. It took us some time to get there but we found was true gold.

Lucie Shearer “untitled”

Do you have any advice for artists who are looking to collaborate with others?

Lucie: Keep an open mind and try new things. You’ll surprise yourself and that’s the best part of making new work in different ways than you normally would!

Dana: Drop your ideas of who you are as an artist, don’t limit the work with what your preconceived ideas of who you are and what you make. Understand that this will be a time of transformation and it will be uncomfortable at times. Meet your fellow artist with a blank slate and allow yourself to be open to new ways of working. Create an honest and true connection with your collaborator, build a friendship that feels honest and open.

About Dana

Dana Lynn Harper holds a BFA in Art & Technology from The Ohio State University, she lives and works in Columbus, Oh. Recipient of The Bunton Waller Fellowship from Penn State University, where Harper received her MFA in 2013. Harper has been the recipient of an ArtPrize Artist Seed Grant and The ArtFile Emerging Artist Grant, Ringholz Foundation Award, OAC Professional Award and Manifest Prize. She has had solo exhibitions across the US, most notably at The University of Kentucky, Front/Space Gallery & Museum in Kansas City, MO, Manifest Gallery and ROY G BIV. Harper has been an Artist in Residence at Kutztown University, Teton Art Lab, Bunker Projects, Second Sight Studio, Sculpture Space and ArtSpace Raleigh. She was awarded a scholarship through The NEA to attend Women’s Studio Workshop in 2015 and has received a fellowship to attend in Vermont Studio Center in the fall of 2022. Harper has made public installations in collaboration with The Columbus Museum of Art as well as The University Arts District in Columbus, Ohio. She will exhibit at Sculpture Center in 2022.

About Lucie

Lucie Shearer is an artist, illustrator, muralist and designer working out of her home studio in Columbus, Ohio. Her surreal, fantasy works discuss themes such as love, intuition, emotional exploration, and human connection. Each piece tells a story through the use of body language, composition, light, and symbolism. Some common imagery includes feminine figures, hands, the moon and stars, moths and other winged creatures, water, and unusual glowing objects. Figures will often have misplaced pieces like a game of Jenga. She wants her work to create an experience of connection and understanding.

Shearer has shown in art spaces and galleries such as Rivet, Ohio Art League X Space, Wild Goose Creative, Gallery1988, 400 West Rich, Blockfort, 934 Gallery, and the Mansfield Art Center. Her work has also been shown at events such as the Greater Columbus Arts Festival, Illuxcon, GenCon, Ohayocon, Craftin’ Outlaws, and Prints & Pints. She has worked with clients large and small, everything from large corporations to small non-profits, such as Independents’ Day Festival, Urban Scrawl, Columbus Women & Girl’s Fest, 934 Fest, 934 Gallery, Franklinton Arts District, Nocterra, Land Grant, North High Brewing, Ebb & Float, Game Arena, Worthington Industries, BalletMet, CCAD and Kaufmann Group, among others.



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