Luke Boyd Explores the Allure of Cake Through Art

Tiers of Joy, a solo show featuring original works by Luke Boyd, opens July 8th, 2022.

Tell us about the concept behind Tiers of Joy.

Tiers of Joy is a body of confectionary art that combines cake decorating and painting to create a palatable reality. The visually enticing sculptures and paintings explore sensual desires while offering affirmations of love, acceptance, and humor.

How does your experience as a baker and cake decorator influence your practice?

Baking and cake decorating have provided me with limitless inspiration. Every day I will see something like, a cake getting dropped, or see the light hit fruit filling in a new way and feel inspired to make a painting about it. I use my baking and cake decorating experience to recreate appetizing textures, shapes, and colors. I love working in the creative language of cakes because paint and frosting can be used in similar ways.

What draws you to baked goods?

I am drawn to baked goods because they are the highlight of any meal or gathering. I use baked goods as subject matter in my work because they are what I desire. I think it is really easy for people to relate to that. The craving for something sweet is a common denominator that I share with the audience, and I want to use that to draw people into the work.

Tell us about the materials you use and why.

In the paintings I use acrylic because I want everything to dry quickly. I am sometimes working with really thick paint, and I don’t have good patience. I like being messy and making mistakes that I can easily paint over or adjust.

My cake sculptures are made from construction materials using cake decorating tools and processes. I have a set of piping tips for edible cakes and then a set for the non-edible cakes. This is really important for making the cake sculptures look realistic. They need to be decorated with the same kind of tools to make the right shapes, textures, and borders.

What do you want the audience to take away from your show?

I am sharing my intimate perspective of baked goods with the audience. I want them to walk away with a confectionary experience that challenges their senses and their emotional palette. I want the audience to feel my excitement for sweets and hopefully the work will make them a little hungry.

Where do you want to take your work next?

I would love to take my work into bakeries and work with other bakers and cake decorators for a collaboration. I hope to start teaching a cake decorating class in the near future. I would love the opportunity to share what I have learned. It is a lot of fun and has brought me a lot of joy.

To learn more about Luke’s work visit Home | Luke Boyd Art



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