Meet Cat Sheridan, The Founder of Columbus Collects

Photo Credit — CCAD

In preparation for Wild Art Columbus (WAC) we talked with Cat Sheridan, the founder of Columbus Collects, about collecting art, her first acquired artwork, and her advice on how to start a collection.

How did you become an art collector?

I stumbled into it… I love art and always wanted to be surrounded by it, and so I started buying from my friends who make amazing work or trading when I was young and broke (and so were they) but we admired each other’s work so the value was in the exchange.

Do you remember the first piece you bought?

The first that felt really serious was purchasing a piece by Rachel Dove, it’s untitled and it was a part of her thesis exhibition and I saw it when she first revealed it to the thesis class, but was only able to purchase it 3 years later.

Stephanie Rond — Wolf In Sheep’s Clothes — 2009 — Sheridan Collection

How do you know which artwork to buy?

There is a magnetism in the work that I collect. Often when I feel compelled I’ll dig a bit deeper to be sure the meaning/ intention aligns … and the price also has to align with my budget.

What do you look for when you collect?

Right now, I look for pieces that I can fit into my crowded home. I’m pretty maxed out, so small pieces are typically what pull my eyes right now.

What are your thoughts about the collecting culture in Columbus, Ohio?

I think it’s getting stronger!

What made you create Columbus Collects?

I wanted to help demystify the act of collecting original artwork for the “common person”.. the best way to do that is to show through example.

Natalia Sanchez — In This Moment — 2018 — Sheridan Collection

What advice do you have for someone who would like to start collecting art?

Start following your favorite artists (in person at galleries etc as well as online on IG etc.) and pay attention to the artists they follow — build your network of visual intake and inspiration — your aesthetic will blossom as a result! As your collection grows your journey of collection and taste will build in story and enhance the richness of your environment.

Join us on April 15, 6–9pm at Wild Art Columbus (WAC)!

WAC will be presented online via a public Facebook group on April 15, 6–9pm — honoring our commitment to keeping our community safe. WAC is a celebration of our commitment to building an accessible art collection. Works from emerging to established local artists will all be offered for $100, with 50% of the sale will be paid to the artist and the other 50% going to support Wild Goose Creative’s mission to build a creative community at the intersection of art, risk and meaning. We’ll post all works for sale on the wall of the group.

This season’s Wild Art Columbus is presented by Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) and supported by Triad Architecture, CASTO and Paradise Garage.



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Wild Goose Creative

Wild Goose Creative is an arts organization whose mission is to build a creative community at the intersection of art, risk and meaning.