Meet Tod Seitz, the Creator of Doodle Scool

Tod is an artist and teacher, whose most recent project is Doodle Scool, a unique and relaxing approach to art lessons. His upcoming class is Wednesday, July 20th, 6-8pm.

Why did you start Doodle Scool?

Doodle Scool came about as an idea of bringing the meditative and explorative benefits of doodling to anyone who says, “I can’t draw” or “So and so has the drawing genes but I don’t” Anyone can draw~! Especially doodle! And so, we take simple concepts that allow you to explore doodling and develop foundational drawing skills that you can use not only on physical paper but with your mind. And ultimately, have some fun expressing yourself!

What are the benefits of doodling?

There are several studies that show that doodling helps to relieve stress and anxiety, retain information better, and it can help improve your visual learning abilities to organize thoughts and ideas.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am Tod, the Executive Star Wizard! I have been tutoring drawing and animation for over three years and teaching K-6 Art for over a year. I have been creating art and doodling all my life. My work has been exhibited all over the world. I’ve self-published my own art book and have been involved with many different Columbus art communities for several years now.

What can people expect at the first Doodle Scool class at Wild Goose Creative?

We will be having a blast. I will introduce myself and we will spend the first part of the class to go over the foundations of doodling, which includes drawing exercises and explanations. We will talk about points, lines, forms, shapes and how to use these ideas. If we have time I’ll demonstrate using them for organizational development like Mind Maps and so forth. The second part of the class will be to try out the exercises for yourself with free creative expression time. Show and Tell will also be welcome at the end of the class.

To learn more about Doodle Scool visit Doodle Scool |Eventbrite



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