October’s Featured Show: Plug And Play brings together two artists, Krista Faist and Claire Smith

In a mash-up of vibrant color and provocative sensation. Playfulness as a theme is central to each artist as they create their work, elevating discarded materials and scraps of society to become moments of precious relief from these bleak times.

kaleidoscope by Krista Faist

When and how did you two decide to collaborate?

Claire Smith: “I was asked to collaborate with Krista by Gabe Kenney (President of Wild Goose Creative). He saw a commonality in our work in the way that we like to create through playfulness. We had never met before this exhibition and I was fascinated by the way that she worked using digital media. Seeing her work through the oculus blew my mind. From our initial meeting Krista and I had a couple conversations about how we make our work and our motives were very similar. I visited her studio and met her massive kaleidoscope, which is why I wanted to incorporate mirrors into my new works. Krista was actually the one that gifted me the retro reflective fabric that I used in my newest piece, Pink Baby. I was inspired by Krista‘s color palette and visual language.”

Krista Faist: “Gabe saw some commonalities in our work and introduced us. We bounced some ideas off each other and it turned out to be a great fit!”

Pool Party by Claire Smith

Why is playfulness so important?

Claire: “Playfulness is important in the way that I go about creating my work because when I am playing in my studio it lowers my expectations of the outcome. Playing allows me to have fun when I am creating and I am always surprised with what I come up with.”

Krista: “I think play is important -and this sounds cliche- because you have to step outside of yourself to yourself to find yourself sometimes. Play helps me to recalibrate.”

Do you consider this show to be primarily experience or visually based? or both?

Claire: “of work that I have created invites the viewers to looks and touch while Krista’s work allows the viewer to explore a new world. Both work asks the viewers to be curious and inquisitive.”

Krista: “I would say they are equally important.”

How long have you been creating in Columbus?

Claire: “I have been creating work professionally in Columbus since 2012. I pursued a degree in sculpture and industrial design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and returned to my home town of Columbus shortly after graduating. I currently work out of a studio at Blockfort and I work for a non-profit art studio that assists artists with developmental disabilities.”

Krista: “ I’ve been creating all of my life but took about 10 years off from “putting myself out there”. I wanted to focus on setting up financial security before starting an MFA program last year, to finally take a deep dive into what I always wanted to do.”

Tigers Tongue by Claire Smith

What does this show mean to you?

Claire: “This show was an opportunity for me to work with new materials (mirrors and retro reflective fabric) I was inspired by Krista’s work and wanted to make work that was a bit of a nod to her color pallet and visual language. I was also able to play with scale and make larger work for the space.”

Krista: “For me, this show means an opportunity for people to see my work the way it is intended. I spent the past year making these pieces in quarantine, and virtual reality experiences don’t translate well on a flat screen.

To see more from these artists visit:

Krista Faist- https://www.kristafaist.com/

Claire Smith- https://www.instagram.com/eevergreen_/?hl=en



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