Wild Life

Memorable enounters between humans and animals

Crude Awakening

Remembering a wildlife rescue legend

It hasn’t been a good season for birds. Last month, the U.S. Committee of the North American Bird Conservation…


in the Middle of the Ocean

I had heard about these amazing pelagic birding trips and wanted to try one myself for quite some time. A boat trip that goes many…


There is nothing but the smooth surface of the water, reflecting the green summer surroundings. A flat, unbroken field of bright green. Out of nowhere a pair of eyes slowly break through…

Osprey Banding

with the NJ Osprey Project

I had been following the blog of the New Jersey Osprey Project for a while, when in the spring of 2013 I was put in contact…

Angry Owls

The Florida Burrowing Owl

Every winter my wife and I try to make a trip to Florida for a week or so to get a break from the NJ weather and to visit with our…

Wild Life
Wild Life

Memorable enounters between humans and animals

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