Gustavo Ayres Netto, Ironman world championship finisher and world traveller

Gustavo is an Ironman Wold Championship finisher, and an ambassador of WILD. All his jobs were found on a bike ride, “cycling is the new golf” seems true indeed!

Ironman Kona, Hawai, 2010

I started swimming at the age of 4 to heal some breathing issues I had as a child. My dad has been a runner for as long as I remember and by the age of 11 I was already training on the roads and trails.

Cycling is more of a passion and when I was 14 did over 140Km on a MTB bought at the “supermarket” — that was a real baptism of fire! I love the Mountains and also the social aspect of Road cycling: all my jobs were found in group rides!

All my jobs were found in group rides!

I started competing when I was 11 (almost 20 years back, ouch!), at first with the goal of testing my limits, learning about myself and the world around me. Now, what drives me is all those inspiring people, challenging the establishment, crafting new adventures and always going further.

Your favourite race so far?

XTERRA Word Championship in Maui

Ironman Hawai

Your next one planned or dreamed?

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

What’s your biggest roadblock?

Costs of equipment and racing

Your advice for people starting endurance sports?

Find a mentor! It was key for me to find the right coach, one who understood me deeply and with whom I developed a deep and meaningful relationship. It helps not only physically but also mentally. We worked together for over 5 years and he was my best man at my wedding several years after. In sports, you push you body and mind so hard, that you create bonds like no other place.

Any secret you’d like to share?

A key aspect about my athletic career has been a Vegan diet and my commitment to help others develop their talents.

I made my best friends on the trails, and in several cases our first meetings were going racing in incredible places out in the WILD. Never under-estimate the power of sharing emotions and working together to overcome struggles. These are memories I will always carry with me!

Spirituality also plays a big part for me and I am always thankful for both the good and the bad days. Being connected with something greater than yourself and maintaining a balanced mind are two elements that allow a relentless consistency and growth in all levels.


Gustavo is travelling around the world, chasing trails, and an Ambassador of WILD