Credits: WeLoveCycling

Releasing our closed Beta in the coming days!

Hey cyclists, runners, swimmers of all countries!

You’ve been watching, out of breath, Maciej Bodnar trying to win from his 200km breakaway today? We did as well. What a hell of a ride, well done Polska!!

On other note, we’re very pleased to announce that our closed Beta will be released in the coming days, followed shortly after by the open beta! We’re having great traction with the waiting list and we’d love to have you join WILD’s mission.

Sign up now, refer your friends and jump the queue to get access faster to your one-stop platform to find your next race, see where your friends are racing, and get your highly personalised and adaptive training plan first.

We’re also getting a few ambassadors to join, apply here if you want to join us! We’ll organise special events with ambassadors, choose the best gear kit with you and our partners, and as we grow, sponsor your events.

We can’t wait to show you the product!