Stephanie Wheatley is a Racing cyclist and on her spare time leads Techbikers, a group of cyclists in Tech

Stephanie is an ambassadors of WILD

How did you get into endurance sports?

I have ridden a bike from childhood. At the time my main focus though was swimming. This helped when I decided to do my first triathlon in my thirties. I did that for a few years competing in various events up to 70.3 Ironman level. I decide though that the running element was causing long term injuries so I decide then to go back just to cycling. I have over the last year focused on crit races. These are races on a crit for a set time period. My driving force is seeing your improvement as the season progresses and the success that this brings with it.

When did you start racing?

Approximately 10 years ago.

Your favourite race?

So far Wednesday night crit races at Lee Valley Velo park.

Crit races are my favourite because it’s a full on effort for a set period of time and not two races are the same. Seeing the race unfold makes it thrilling and exciting. They are quite strategic so you have to be able to plan and make changes quickly.

(A criterium, or crit, is a bike race consisting of several laps around a closed circuit, the length of each lap or circuit ranging from about 500 m to 1000 m.)

What’s your next one planned or dreamed?

This week I have two races planned both at LVVP.

Biggest roadblock?


Your advice for poeple starting endurance sports?

Be consistent in your training. And quality over quantity.

Why do you enjoy leading the Techbikers trips?

Working on the Techbikers rides gives me a good feeling knowing I am helping others achieve their goals and challenges. It’s great getting the group organised and watching them improve over the weekend. My favourite is the 2nd day on the Paris to London ride: such great views and roads to ride on. All the riders at the end said how much they enjoyed it

Leading the pack of TechBikers. Techbikers is a multi-day ride in different places in London, with founders and investors in Tech, raising money to bring literacy to girls