It’s Time to Stop Extinction

Its time to send a message to all our elected officials that we will continue to fight to protect wildlife and wild places. Use this Facebook profile frame to say #ItsTime to #StopExtinction!

The midterms may be over, exit polls closed and most ballots counted. You may be ecstatic, or disappointed, or cautiously hopeful. Wildlife champions have been voted in and wildlife champions have been voted out.

But being a voice for wildlife doesn’t just start and end when you cast your vote. The fight will continue, and your engagement doesn’t have to stop. Getting involved is one of the best ways to support wildlife conservation.

Visit our action page. Lend your voice to an issue like the border wall, seismic exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and Endangered Species Act protections. In the same way that every vote counts, every voice counts when it comes to comments. We’ve written some suggested language, but feel free to add your own experiences and your own passion.

Get involved on the ground. Defenders has events across the country and we love our volunteers. And you don’t have to hike for miles across mountains and valleys to lend a hand! This Saturday is Orca Recovery Day and we are hosting a raingarden planting at Baker Middle School to reduce pollution and runoff. Join your local Defenders of Wildlife Facebook group to get regional news, hear about events, and join the discussion about wildlife conservation in your area!

Take a minute to call or write your newly elected or returning representatives. Tell them that wildlife matters to you. Tell them that we must continue to stand up for wildlife, the Endangered Species Act, and the public and private lands that serve as their habitat. Tell them that our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit a world teeming with wildlife, a world where they can be proud of what their parents and grandparents did to fight for conservation in America. Tell your elected officials that we will hold them accountable for protecting our natural heritage.

And of course, Defenders of Wildlife can always use your support. We couldn’t do what we do without our members and supporters, and for that we are eternally grateful.