Pridelands: A Visit from a Three-Legged Hyena

© Kevin Maclaughlin

We’ve had a very special guest on Pridelands conservancy recently. A three-legged spotted hyena has been seen on a few occasions and appears to be doing exceptionally well!

Hyenas are extremely intelligent animals that are well adapted for survival being both proficient hunters, as well as determined scavengers who won’t give up a meal easily.

Our new friend was spotted munching on the leftovers of the giraffe kill, made by a pride of lions just last week. While it may not look like there is much left, hyenas are the only mammals that can digest bone, crushing it with their powerful teeth and ingesting calcium and protein. So when you look at it like that, this pile of bones appears to be a feast fit for a Hyena!

© Kevin MacLaughlin

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