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Introducing Wilder World: Where 3D NFTs meet the gamer economy

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have shown immense promise in 2021 and this is only the beginning of a tectonic shift in the creator economy. Wilder World is at the cusp of this revolution and set to unleash its game ready, AR/VR enabled fully decentralized platform that’s owned completely by artists and collectors.

With Frank Wilder, one of the world’s most prominent 3D artists of our times as a founding member of its team, Wilder World pledges to ameliorate the experience of interacting with virtual assets.

How it works

Wilder World is an alluring, layered Metaverse with a wide range of applications that appeal to creators and collectors alike:

In game NFTs — Digital art in its current avatar lacks practical utility besides acting as little more than a status symbol for crypto natives. Wilder World integrates its world class collection of thousands of pieces of 3D art with cutting edge virtual reality technology and deploys it on its game ready, VR/AR enabled platform, thus transforming these rare NFTs into investable assets that can be traded easily. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt in Augmented Reality, an in-game object or accessory (eg. hat, scarf) sourced from a virtual conference attended in the metaverse, or a parcel of land conquered in a Virtual Reality game, Wilder World facilitates the monetization of these tokenized assets to a discerning collector.

Liquid NFT Market — Wilder World utilises a unique bonding curve model for NFTs, which allows fractional sales of the digital asset, and hence provides access to a wider spectrum of collectors and retail investors, rather than just a select few. Additionally, collectors can easily liquify their digital assets and earn royalties on future sales. Wilder World also is an ideal platform to bring in assets bought on other NFT platforms, modify and deploy them to be used as a game ready tokenized assets on its platform.

Artists Guild — A one of its kind social network built into the platform for the Wilder community, Artist’s Guild is a virtual melting pot for talented digital creators from across the globe. Fellow artists can connect with each other, collaborate on projects to build assets and infrastructure, chat in real-time on video and through the inbuilt instant messaging system, in addition to sharing the latest news in the crypto universe on the artist feed. With no fees required to curate a profile on this platform, and powerful network effects at play, the upside for the creator is infinite.

Mint Factory — A fantastic medium for brand partnerships, Mint Factory connects digital 3D artists from all over the globe with real world talent across the spectrums of film, television, and music to design, mint and drop NFTs. Creators can leverage the massive online following of a star to increase visibility and enhance sale prospects while offering a smart contract enabled royalty pay out to the celebrity. Furthermore, the character created via Mint Factory can also be used in AR/VR games built on the Wilder World platform.

There is plenty more in store at Wilder World. We would encourage our audience to stay tuned to our social channels to learn more about the frequent updates and developments as we reimagine collectibles for the digital generation.

Brace yourself. The Metaverse awaits!

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About Wilder World

Wilder World is a decentralized artist DAO and liquid NFT marketplace. Through its multiple layers, it offers a variety of applications that allow for a more holistic user experience for artists and collectors alike. The first project built on top of the Zero protocol, Wilder World is enhancing the gaming economy with the addition of tokenized 3D digital art on its VR/AR enabled platform, thus transforming them into investable assets.

With inbuilt platforms such as Artists Guild, and Mint Factory, Wilder World is a melting pot for creators to connect and collaborate with talent from across the globe and elevate the NFT experience for the next generation of digital collectors and gamers.

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