Learning to Fly Fish from the City

The tough thing about duck hunting is a limited season; I set out on a new wilderness sport (read: a wilderwild).

The Introduction

Learning to fly fish is a puzzle on and off the water.

I’m already an avid duck hunter. For someone who lives in downtown Boston and is under 35, that’s a rarity. But not quite as rare as the weekends in October and November when I can actually get out to hunt. Life’s just busy. This spring I decided to adopt a new wilderness sport (read: a wilderwild), one that’s accessible outside of hunting season. There’s a lot of overlap between the hunting community and the fly fishing community— the selection was easy.

The goal of this series is to share what I discover as I discovered it. To share the journey. So when I tell you I found a rod and reel in my father’s garage, I won’t tell you the rod length because I didn’t know the length when I found it nor that it was significant. You’ll be as in the dark reading this as I was when living it. If you decide to undertake this yourself, you’ll have a companion in these notes. I hope you might also enjoy the adventure.

A note on style: I’m following FDR’s speech advice, which details:

  1. Be sincere,
  2. Be brief,
  3. Be seated.