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Wildlife Trekker

Frogs, Toads, and Nature Photography

Frogs and Toads in the North Country

Spring has arrived, and frogs and toads will emerge soon

Gray treefrog photographed in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. © 2022 by Randy Runtsch.

The state of Minnesota, within the Upper Midwest region of the United States, goes by many nicknames. The most common may be North Star State (official) and Gopher State. A little research reveals more monikers, such as…




Stories and photos of wildlife from around the world. Articles also cover gear, travel, and other topics related to wildlife watching and photography.

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Randy Runtsch

Randy Runtsch

Writer | Nature | Photography | Cycling | Travel | History | Data Analysis | Programming | https://rruntsch.medium.com/membership

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