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Presenting at Pocker Gamer Connects

Hi everyone,

We have been active on social media sharing our progress, promoting our most recent public (virtual) appearances and commenting on the news, it’s actually been quite some time since our last blog post!

The past few months have been quite hectic for us, in a good way! We’ve been speaking to a large number of video game studios and looking to spread the word about our technology, especially show its benefits for game developers and answer any assumptions/questions they may have on machine learning.

Here is a summary of our most recent features, talks and events!


We started the year with a new website, a new approach, our first technical demo video and two blog posts.


After taking part in the London Games Accelerator first cohort in 2020, we were featured in the London Games Festival 2021 official selection — video available here.

I was also interviewed in the Applied AI podcast to talk about building a deep tech startup and investment.


I have to say, I spent most of April on Zoom. For some reason, game industry events including GI live, GDC or GamesBeat, all happened back to back. Whether I was invited to speak or joining as a participant, it has been a great opportunity to meet with many people in the industry from all over the world.

  • Pocker Gamer Connect Digital #6 — watch my talk here
  • Interview by Etch play team — our live chat here
  • Presentation to Payload Tentacle zone community
  • Panel discussion organised by Digital Catapult on building an AI startup in a creative industry


Rising Star Award

I received my first award as a Rising Star Entrepreneur by We Are The City (WATC) and as I am writing this post, I look very much forward to the ceremony and meeting the other entrepreneurs selected.

In May we also unveiled our brand new website! When I created the previous version, Alex and I just decided to switch our focus to a service-based model. I didn’t have the time to test our narrative or the copy, my priority was to make sure our online presence was aligned with what I was saying. Talking to more and more studios, I changed (a lot) the way I explain what we do, using less machine learning jargon and focusing on our key selling points for video game studios. It took me a few weeks to make our new website live, there is still a few things to improve, but I feel we have now found our voice and identity. (So hopefully I won’t be re-designing a new version for quite some time!)

I am also involved in Limit Break as both a mentor and a mentee after a warm recommendation from my friend Dan from Etch Play.


More public speaking events this June with the Leading Tomorrow Summit (video available here) and Games London’s panel discussion.


We’re still early in July and so far we’ve been featured in the Weekend Catch up Club podcast by Ross Pollock. Next week we’ll also be involved in a hackathon organised by our friends at Show Code.

And we have more events to come during and after the summer! The next event that comes to mind (and that I can talk about) is the Geekle Gamedev summit in August/September. When it comes to offline events, we should be attending Develop Brighton this October (unless Covid situation changes) and I am pretty excited to eventually meet online friends for the first time there!

Why do we spend the time to do a lot of public speaking?

Because we need to spread the word about what we can already do with machine learning! When I speak to game developers, most of them are aware of the research done by Deepmind or OpenAI, they came across some articles about machine learning used in game development by the largest studios, but they don’t know we can already build smarter/more human-like bots for their game today!

More to come soon!

If you happened to click on every link (it’s ok if you didn’t), I’m pretty sure you’re tired to see my face.

I already hear you, that’s all non-technical stuff, what about Alex?
Well Alex has been busy too and we’ll be talking about it soon… but not yet!

Those of you following us on LinkedIn or Twitter (our two main social media) know we’ve recently upgraded our machines, we’ve also improved our framework and we’ll unveil more in the coming weeks. So be sure to keep an eye out and follow WildMeta here, on Twitter and/or LinkedIn for more!



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