Earn Cash back every-time you Spend!

The big banks are offering cash-back incentives for VISA cards.

This is not new, nor a scam or anything hard to do but many fail to earn cash back on their daily purchases. This kind of passive income may only be a few euros here and there but it adds up and soon you’ll be saving hundreds a year.

Too much hassle?

Definitely not, it’s as simple as registering your card details just once then making your purchases and awaiting your cash back!

All the big banks have joined Visa Offers which allows you to easily claim cashback by registering for a free account and connecting your bank card.

Is it safe?

Totally, this is run by the Visa Europe in partnership with your bank. The cash back is offered by high profile brands and with good incentives.

How do I get started?

Easy, go to your bank’s website and register your card. I’ve provided links below and do not receive any incentive. I’m just happy you can save!


permanent tsb


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