How To Remove Tattoos By Yourself Using Salt

If just got a tattoo But felt guilty or regretted later, don’t just stress Because now anyone can make it easier than before So there was a lot of people who changed their minds afterwards. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove tattoos as well. Most have good results. But because the tattoo removal method saw the result is quite expensive So many people turned to rely on their own home tattoo removal methods Which in many ways is not effective, can be dangerous This Wikinews article will introduce you how to remove tattoos with salt for yourself. Including additional information that is useful for tattoo removal.To discover extra information about, you’ve to visit our site.

What to do
Do not use salt to scrub the tattoo in earnest. No matter if you want to remove a new tattoo Or tattooed by a veteran The use of salt to remove tattoos is not a risk.

Our skin will have 2 layers together: dermis or inner skin. And epidermis or the outer layer of skin when the tattoo is absorbed through the epidermis or upper skin To the leather floor But said that he wasted no time Because salt must reach the dermis If you say that it is a lot of scrubbing, you can think about it. At that time, your skin condition will be.

If you want to polish the tattoo with salt It guarantees the abrasion. Well, the skin is wrinkled. [2] It ends with a scar. If the tattoo is removed by this method at home Be careful from the tattoo that is formed. Will be disfigured

When did people start using salt to scrub tattoos? There are some ways to treat skin diseases. That use salt to scrub gently But the beginning should be from the advice of a tattoo artist That tattooed, do not soak for a long time Especially salt water People have a crush on the idea that Do not soak tattoos in salt water. Because the tattoo will be sharp Shows that if the tattoo is immersed in salt water, it may cause the tattoo to disappear until that time has disappeared.

Actually, taking a tattoo in salt water Just make the ink that is used to dissolve or dissolve, but it will not disappear If just tattooed Soaked, the tattoo may flow until unsightly. But if for several weeks or more Soaked in salt water until the decomposition didn’t help anything.

The procedure for making salabrasion is to use local anesthesia on the tattoo. Then use a device like a tattoo gun, inject saline into the dermis. Is a vacuum of ink Instead of tattooing into the skin Estimated as a back tattoo How will the wound heal in 6–8 weeks? Try to study the information first and then decide.

Other options
Laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal or tattoo removal by laser Is the most effective and safe way to remove unwanted tattoos. By experts according to the clinic or doctor in the hospital Will shoot the laser light concentrated at the moment of the tattoo Causing the ink to spread And obviously faded.

How effective it will be depending on the size of the tattoo. The cost of laser tattoo removal can range from thousands to tens of thousands. Considered a way to pay a little expensive but definitely worth

Ask a specialist technician at a clinic or beauty salon. This method is very similar to salabrasion because it requires service from trained and licensed professionals. By polishing the skin to the dermis to get rid of the ink.

This method is a little more expensive than laser. Is tens of thousands to almost stepped on. Plus, the procedure will hurt you as much as the tattoo and the tattoo is still clearer than the laser.

Consider surgery with cold and peeling skin with chemicals. cryosurgery is freezing the skin with coldness Then bite the ink out with liquid nitrogen For skin peeling with chemicals Will make the skin swell until peeling away. The ink of the tattoo is stuck. Of course, both methods are not popular. It was expensive and hurt. But if really exhausted and think well, then try to see it without damage.

Consult a specialist technician or doctor about surgery. Surgery is considered a final settler. The doctor will use a scalpel. Slash only the skin that has a tattoo. Leaving only the old skin around Of course, this method will cause scars instead of tattoos Plus quite hurt Even if using local anesthesia.


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