The Definitive Guide To Clickfunnels

Sep 26 · 5 min read

This guide will answer all the questions that come to mind on ClickFunnels. In this way, if you run a business and are interested in landing pages and building funnels to increase leads and sales, you will find all the answers you need!

What is Clickfunnels?
ClickFunnels is a cloud software platform that allows you to set up a series of web pages generally known as funnels. These web pages are designed specifically to make users interact with the site, without stopping at a simple scroll.

Web-hosting, email marketing application, and also practically every little thing else you are spending for in relation to marketing as well as It is all about maximizing an internet site to obtain even more leads, sales, e-mail opt-in’s and so on. He discovered himself stocking bed late in the evening wondering, Just what Is groovy marketing clickfunnels affiliate. Haha not truly however this is a a funny keyword placement.

Whether you want to convince these visitors to buy a product or simply enter their e-mail address to receive something in return, you are converting traffic much faster than a normal website.

Because it is important? When you spend time and money trying to convince people to visit your website, most will do it, exploring it a little, but without doing anything meaningful. In a nutshell, a touch and escape that sounds like goodbye…

How can this be remedied? If you create simple pages with the right amount of information for the user and then include a specific action that you want them to take, the chances of doing so are extremely high.

You can also arrange a series of actions to be proposed to the user in a sort of guided tour, which takes the name of funnel , a funnel that accompanies the website visitor towards the goal you have set.

Thanks to ClickFunnels you can easily create different types of funnels according to your needs, no matter if you are a jewelry seller or an online service provider. Moreover you can exploit and share the existing funnels for free on the web, without having to start from scratch.

Desires: Landing Pages and Funnels
As we have mentioned, the main function of ClickFunnels is to create pages ( landing pages ) to be grouped in funnels to convert the traffic of your website from potential ( lead ) to active ( customer )

If you prefer to create your own funnel, just click on the “ Add new “ button and choose either the goal of your funnel (lead generation, sales funnel or webinar), then select the type of funnel you want to perform, such as example a sales funnel or a launch funnel. Here is a list of some types of funnels available:

Opt-in funnels — generally these are funnels related to lead generation. These funnels provide a content ( gate content ) in exchange for user information, which can then be used to further cultivate the lead.
Sales funnels — Funnels that end with a monetary transaction. They can be used to sell digital and / or virtual goods and services.
Membership funnels — Manage an entire site reserved for members using ClickFunnels. Promote it, sell the opportunity to be part of it and manage members and content.

Webinars and events — These funnels are designed to promote Webinars and perfect for a B2B audience.
At this point you can start building your funnel physically, adding the pages that will be part of the path you have planned for your business.

However, it is not enough to have a good product or a nice tagline: it is important that this translates into an adequate and stimulating aesthetic. People must have the feeling of having the knife on the side of the handle and that it is not just another attempt at online sales.

And you can do this simply with ClickFunnels. By taking advantage of its innumerable functionalities, you can in fact create really appealing landing pages, customizing them completely in every aspect.

Other useful features of Clickfunnels
In addition to creating landing pages and funnels, ClickFunnels offers you functions that will allow you to better realize your products, optimizing the entire process. We are talking about the A / B Test and the Marketplace.

An A / B Test, also known as a split test , is a particular strategy that allows you to randomly show 2 different web pages. This way you can figure out which page works best to find the one with the highest conversion rate. In a nutshell, this test is a technique for testing various versions of your landing pages in order to identify the one that ensures you the most conversions. To make an A / B test it is important to start from a hypothesis and a certain value that you want to analyse.

With ClickFunnels you can create this split test. In this way you can easily check which version of your page has actually brought the most clicks, the largest number of newsletter subscriptions, the largest number of sales or everything you have in mind to test.

When you do an A / B test it is extremely important to change one and only one element. If there are many variations within the same page, making too many changes together you will have no way of understanding which element has brought the best conversion. Proceeding from tests to tests you can therefore potentially find “the perfect page”, that is the one that generates the greatest number of conversions ever.

Whether you want a landing page or a funnel ready to use, maybe that is not present in the default list of the dashboard, there is a large library waiting for you. ClickFunnels offers a large marketplace where you can buy new templates.

You can choose both single page and complete funnel templates and then narrow down the search by selecting the category you need, such as opt-in or sales funnels, or even landing pages, squeeze pages, webinar countdowns and so on. The templates are hundreds and the prices start from 7 dollars upwards. There is therefore a page (or a funnel) for every need and the price you are willing to spend.


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