Why Is Football So popular?

The popularity of football seems to be due to the fact that football has quite simple rules, and it is very easy and low-cost to start playing football, basically just taking a ball. Football is played in all corners of the globe, whether in poor or rich areas. At a professional level, it is easy to feed, footballers are among the best paid athletes in the world, thanks to the huge marketing attractiveness of this sport. Visit here for Copa América Live Streaming.

What are the benefits of regular playing football?

Playing football means aerobic type of exercise. This kind of exercise is beneficial to our health, especially the heart and vascular system. Regular training is used to prevent high pressure, myocardial infarction and other cardiac and vascular diseases. It reduces the resting pulse, which is very beneficial for the heart, which must work continuously for life.

Regular exercise also positively affects mental health as well as endorphins and other similar so-called happiness hormones. Thus, man fights against excessive stress, typical for today.

Football is a collective game, its practice also positively manifests itself in the social field, so man satisfies the biological need of social fulfillment. He meets new people and friends.

Aspects of the game
Football players use mainly their legs to play, but they can also use other parts of the body to handle the ball and shoot, which is not just about the arms and hands. Only a goalkeeper who can do so in the designated area — the goal area — is allowed to play with his hands.

Players have assignments on the pitch and also differentiate according to their location and tasks:

The goalie ‘s goal is to prevent the opponent from scoring a goal, and he is allowed to catch and strike the ball with his hands.

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The defender is also supposed to prevent the goal from being scored in the job description, mainly on his own half of the course. The classic defender’s task is to break the game, defeat the opponent’s attacks. However, so-called fake wings are increasingly used in modern football, which are the extreme defenders who often attack the edges of the field.

The midfielder forms a transition between defense and attack, moving around the course of the course as needed, and should therefore be physically equipped, as they run the most for the match. The middlemen are further divided into offensive and defensive according to the overwhelming majority of tasks they have to perform in the game. In particular, the midfielder should then form a game, that is, the player sets off offensive actions and makes various passes for teammates. Therefore, the midfielder should be well equipped in addition to physical readiness. The midfielder is probably the most comprehensive football player.

History of football
A game similar to football has already appeared in ancient times. The oldest records are preserved from China in the 2nd century BC The game was called cchu-tü. A lot of ball games were played in ancient Rome and Greece, some were also played with their feet. One of the predecessors of football is the harpastum game played in the Roman Empire. Foot-played and remotely related football games were also played in the Middle Ages.

The emergence of today’s football is attributed to England in the 16th century. The beginnings of this game are related to the efforts of the then private schools that tried to force their pupils to do sports. These beginnings of football were marked by considerable disparity. The rules of football at that time were school from school, county different from the county. Thus, two major streams of early football evolved — one branch allowed the ball to be carried, the second version of the game favoring foot play.


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