A better Instagram strategy thanks to micro-influencers

William Grou
May 19 · 5 min read

Micro-influencers and quality

Quality before quantity. This is most likely a mentality used by your company. As an organization, it is probably far more relevant to prioritize the quality of your products and services in order to generate word to mouth. It is important to do a good job, the rest will follow. Well, this obsession with competence must be transferred to your marketing approach if you want to dominate. So, my advice for a small or medium business that wants to succeed on Instagram would be: Forget the number of subscribers, focus on quality. Develop the best possible content, and associate with the best possible influencers.

With the text Working with Influencers: The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing, you probably understand better the phenomenon of influencer marketing. For your influencer strategy, you will need to prioritize quality. And the quality is micro-influencers. An artist who creates content out of passion for a small community, but for a community that is highly engaged, that’s quality. This does not detract from the more far-reaching influencers! After all, they also offer their fans content greatly appreciated. However, the current trend is to micro-influence.

Why collaborate with micro-influencers?

First, it’s important to understand that what’s worth gold for companies looking for influencers is the engagement rate. Not the number of “followers”, not the number of likes, but the commitment rate. This indicator makes it possible, among other things, to express the interest of the community in relation to the content published by the influencer. Thus, if the ratio between the number of reactions (likes, comments, shares) and the number of subscribers is high, it is that in general, the community of the influencer is committed to his content. That’s what interests us here. Micro-influencers, at least influencers with between 1,000 and 15,000 followers, generally have much better engagement ratios than celebrities. Micro-influencers are more accessible, and have more time to maintain proximity with their audience. Micro-influencers tend to show a lot of passion and authenticity. In general, we are much more likely to listen to the advice of a genuine person and to wish to interact on a regular basis with that person. While digging a little, I found a study on the engagement rate that describes reality pretty accurately. Indeed, it is by studying the engagement rates of nearly 282,000 Instagram accounts that the TANKE website shows that there is a negative correlation between the number of subscribers and the commitment rate. We see that an account of 5000 subscribers has a commitment rate of 8.23%, while an account of 600 000 subscribers has a 2.56%.

In addition, it is much more relevant for a company to associate with a spokesperson who really knows it’s products. When a company contracts a celebrity, we know very well that a lot of money is at stake and that a script is involved. However, when a micro-influencer recognized in a certain medium boasts the merits of a product related to that medium, we are more likely to believe it. Generally, micro-influencers have a limited number of subscribers because they operate in a specific market where they are recognized. Thus, if you contract a micro-influencer who creates content related to your field of expertise, you make sure to create authentic and credible content. The reputation of micro-influencers and the precision of their niche is a useful asset to your company. In addition, since contracting micro-influencers costs drastically cheaper than contracting a web star, you can afford to contact several of them and touch different fields with your messages. Given their highest level of commitment, you will also have a much greater chance of success.

That’s not all! Yes, the micro-influencers are authentic. Yes, they encourage more commitment from their subscribers. Yes, it is shown that the commitment rate is to be prioritized over the scope. But it’s also important to know that micro-influencers generate less aggressive and more popular advertising content. In order to maintain their credibility, these individuals will tend not to accept all the offers on their way, to focus on quality products they really like. They select products that fit into their personal image, products that really represent them. We come back here again to the principle of quality! Thus, by integrating these products into their content, micro-influencers are able to turn an advertisement into a recommendation content. These web workers are passionate about their content and constantly want to develop the most original and high quality publications. This aspect is enormously appreciated by consumers, and it works. Even by adopting these less aggressive behaviors, micro-influencers influence subscribers 6.7 times more towards purchasing behavior than celebrities

When Instagram gets involved

Do you still doubt that quality is important? So why not evaluate the priorities of the platform itself? Just recently, Instagram has started a test period by concealing the number of likes on the publications of its users. Usually, when a platform like Instagram performs a test of this magnitude, it’s because it wants this change to be permanent. But why are likes destined to disappear? To encourage the quality and originality of the content. By doing this, Instagram allows influencers to focus on the content and forget the factors that contribute to an increase in likes, like the time of publication.

Even if, at first glance, this adds a stick to the wheels for companies that want to evaluate the engagement of micro-influencers by the number of likes, this is not necessarily the case. The number of likes is a metric like any other. According to influencer Dave Coast, companies will begin to evaluate more authentic and meaningful metrics such as the number of impressions and saved publications.

Finally, for a company that works with micro-influencers, this should not change your approach. Collaboration with micro-influencers remains optimal and allows you to interact with a targeted and committed audience. It’s up to you to find the right ambassadors and develop the most original content possible. Quality before quantity as we say!


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