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Here’s why Facebook is still relevant

David Larivière
Oct 24, 2018 · 3 min read

*Understatement alert*. Facebook is a revolutionary platform that is extremely useful for any company. Sorry for the shocking information. All jokes aside, Facebook is extremely relevant to your marketing strategy simply because of its demographics. According to Facebook’s website, there are around 1.47 billion active users every single day. That accounts for a little more than 2.23 billion a month. No wonder why Facebook should be a huge part of your online marketing strategy, its demographics speak for themselves.

Now that we’ve understood the importance of the social media, let’s discuss the multiple tools Facebook puts in our hands as business owners to help grow our clientele and increase these huge numbers our accountant can’t seem to stop talking about. These applications are a gift that comes with a price. Indeed, you have to completely understand Facebook’s algorithms and how to use your options to make your Facebook strategy viable. You will need experts that can devote an important amount of time to stand out from your competition.


If you are similar to the concept of AdWords, you will understand this very easily since its pretty similar to the Facebook advertising tool. If you don’t know what AdWords is, we’ve covered some basics about the platform on our blog, give it a read — back to Facebook though, the platform allows you to target your exact audience at any time. For instance, your company can share content and filter the audience by the targeted age, gender, interests, purchasing behaviors, employment and so much more. Obviously, to control all that you have to pay and that’s why we recommend you to be advised by media marketing experts to optimize your return on investment.

Graph Search

This system allows you to obtain valuable information about people you aren’t friends with or simply people that aren’t following your content. In other words, it’s a hidden gold mine that enables you to use user data through pages they have liked. This can help a business concentrate on specific people and insure the relevance of the targeted audience.


“Isn’t Messenger strictly for contacting people?” Well yes but there is more if you dig a little further. What if I told you there is a way for your business page to directly contact customers as soon as they click on your ad? There really is, and it’s great for your customer experience. It enables your clients to ask you questions and to feel close to your business. That is how you build a faithful clientele through social media. Automated messages are also developed to improve your average response time. This statistic should be a priority for you since it is extremely rewarded by Internet users. They like to make quick and effective decisions. Thus, a recognized response time can increase your sale conversion quickly.

Facebook Insights

Just like the Graph Search, the insight gives you extremely valuable information. If you know how to use it properly, you can analyze your data to figure out which content your customers have engaged with and how you should concentrate your marketing strategy. This is the perfect tool for retrospection and for quality control.

In short…

Facebook is the perfect platform to start connecting with your fans with it’s multiple tools and channels of communication — big or small we have Facebook strategies adapted to any budget.


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