My Life As A Preemie

Being a first born child is never easy in general, being the first born child that is also a preemie is worse. Now I may be very creative, but most of the things I love to do were never even a thought after I was born. I was born at 30 weeks weighing one pound and eleven ounces. Back then, my parents would have never imagined that I would be anything close to who I am today.

The first picture of me taken soon after I was born.

Luckily when I was born, unlike most preemies, I was able to breathe on my own, but that didn’t last long. When I was only a few days old I stopped breathing. Being as small as I was made feeding a bit of an issue. Since I couldn’t feed like a normal baby, I had to be fed through an IV, but my veins were so small that the IV penetrated the vein and the fluid went to my lungs instead. At only a few days old my lung collapsed and I stopped breathing. Luckily the nurses were able to get to me before I died and saved my life. I was hooked up to oxygen as the fluid was removed from my lungs until my lungs were fully functioning again and I was breathing on my own.

Luckily these problems have not caused any struggles as I grew older. Now I am 15, I play both guitar and ukulele, sing, sew, and love to read and write, but my parents never would have thought that I would do any of that 15 years ago. I am very grateful that I am alive and that I am able to do what I can since there are preemies who can’t do anything close to what I can.