Create a New Family… From Your Friends. WILTW: Jan. 29 — Feb. 4, 2017

We — and I’m guilty of this as well — blast out our technical expertise to users in order to teach them how to handle situations, and then expect them to take the same amount of time we do when we are researching and implementing solutions.

I sense that Nigerian policymakers will soon start quoting Trump to vindicate their policies of banning and tariffing things. Please do not listen to them. They will even accuse economists of ‘hypocrisy’ as if both things are the same. Ignore them.

I really do not know what is wrong with pidgin English that makes some Nigerians hate it, or classify the speakers as illiterates or semi-literates. Given a chance, I would advocate for it to be our official language — just so we can drop this igbo-yoruba-hausa thing we keep deceiving ourselves with each day.

“It’s not easy to live in Nigeria. You are outside your comfort zone every day, fighting and struggling. What I love the most about Nigeria is that I became an adult in Nigeria. In Senegal I was not. Life was too easy. Here I’ve been challenged. Everyone is hustling here.”

I can’t shout. And yet one must. Even when our voices are hoarse and we are tired of having to be strong and vigilant — and we all get tired, we must ask questions of this Administration, even if our queries are to be met with silence. Can our communities get justice from a corrupt system when people lose their lives?

“When it comes to business, the friends who help you sometimes become much more important than family. They become your family. Helplessness is a negative attribute, especially in Africa. There is little data, and most of the work a founder will have to do involves education and conviction. If we look closely at our personal successes, friends and family, have been somehow involved. All the breakthroughs I have had came from my friends or clients that I eventually made my friends.”

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