Google Just Can’t Get Instant Messaging Right. WILTW: Jan 22–28, 2016

We fail to pay attention to patterns that could significantly affect future events, and these could spell disaster even before a move has been made, which we blame everything but ourselves when we fail. It time we become less over-optimistic and a bit more cautious.

“The ability to do work has absolutely no correlation with promotion. To be promoted, you just need to be able to pass a mundane exam every few years. A typical promotion exam question is “How many Nigerian states are named after rivers?” Keep answering these kind of questions and you will keep getting promoted. All of a sudden, you are a Director but cannot even write a one-page letter.”

Governments exist to serve their citizens. One could argue that the Indian government (as I shared some time last year) recalling bank notes had a positive impact on citizens (more tax revenue for education, roads, etc). Yet it also harmed millions by eroding their wealth.

I do think digital currency represents an unprecedented opportunity to increase people’s control of their own wealth in the world.

I believe many young people are disconnected from school today for many reasons but two are paramount, first, we haven’t found the right way to educate them. The system we currently use was built for a world that no longer exists. The second reason is that the current system doesn’t help many young people to discover and harness their talents, potentials, or gifting.


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