No Man Should Have All That Power , Economics, and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: WILTW Nov. 27 — Dec. 3, 2016.

Mark Zuckerberg is having his way with Facebook, taking over the world one online user at a time, and so far, as this article puts out, he seems to be “lost in the sauce”. It’s dangerous that we are giving him this much power.

I’m really excited to see that, despite the challenges, someone has taken a bold step in making real-time-blood-donation a reality. Although it’s manual, I encourage anyone who sees this to contribute to the cause.

"What happens when you make robots that are smart, independent thinkers — and then try to limit their autonomy? What happens if we were to launch a robot on the battlefield and all of the sudden it took a more partial liking to the enemy than it did to its humanity sponsor?"

Here’s one for those of us who do not get the hang of AI, machine learning and all.

Life is a game of multiplications. Anything times zero is always zero. The reason this matters to me is that, once you realize that people are programmed to avoid disaster rather than to achieve perfection, certain things about consumer behaviour make sense.

Loved a short movie I saw on New Yorker’s timeline (too bad it has been taken down) and I think you should see it too.. Find “Stutterer”, 13 minutes of suspense (for me).

Armin van Buuren is now my favourite EDM DJ. He joins my growing list that includes Avicii, Calvin Harris, Kygo, Giorgio Moroder, Guetta and of course, Daft Punk. (I only love Above and Beyond for their acoustics, so they do not count). This song is where it all started, for me.

Till next week