Awkward Situations, French TED Talks and Baba Ijebu: WILTW Nov. 13 — Nov. 19, 2016

I hate awkward situations, I really detest them, because that’s when I blurt out random nonsense like “do you eat bread? I saw you eat bread the other day.” Anyway, at some point in our lives we’ve come across these situations. How do we handle them? Especially at work. The writer refers to them as “1:1s”, and if these 1:1 times are not awkward enough, you are not doing it right.

I worshipped at House on the Rock last Sunday, and Paul Adefarasin said something that went along these lines…

“…the church has so much power in this country to change things, but it’s rather sad that, instead of coming together, we compete against ourselves…”

I totally agree with this. Apart from churches, we compete over every damn thing. Ethnic, gender.. Even the basic “Lagos is hot” will get the “but Zamfara is hotter” response. This mentality needs to go. 2019 is 2 light leads away. We can’t sit and let what is happening now to repeat itself 4..10..20 years later. Don’t ask why? Feel it. Then get back to work. FEEL it! What’s there? Anger? Pain? Sadness? Fear? Disappointment? The sense of being stuck?

This mini-rant was inspired by this post.

Who else is in a losing battle with French lessons? Yeah, I have tried almost all the online learning tools I know, but most of them go from 1+1 to Gμν = 8πG(Tμν + pΛgμν) in two lessons. That was until I tried unconventional methods like watching all my TV shows with French subtitles and listening to TED talks in French with English subtitles. The former has been paying off so far, and I began with the latter this week. This should help.

I had always chosen to ignore gambling in any form but this post got me interested. My mother did a thorough job of corrupting the idea in our minds in such a way that I get irritated wherever I see anyone with the paper and cringe whenever I walk past these booths.

Nevertheless, although I still do not (or I’m so uninterested not to) understand how the ‘baba ijebu’ game works, its implications are eating skin deep. Reminds of of when a mother brought her son to the staff room to be flogged because he stole her money for this during my service year. How do we curb this issue considering we are dealing with poor, desperate, pushed-to-the-wall, addicted Nigerians? How is it even legal, even for secondary school boys?

Yo, remember that penguin that lost his wife and got beat up? For those of us (really, we exist) who have not seen the video, here we go. It seems he’s moved on, and even has a job 😩.

Started listening to podcasts this week and so far, the only ones I’ve been listening to are TED podcasts. I need suggestions. Do well to add your favourite(s) in the comments’ section.

Please the penguin-ish is pure trips.