Clients dont need a trusted advisor, they need a status quo challenger

The innovations in the last 3 years had a very a profound impact in the way we do business, we work and our lifestyles. At Winbold, we are always amazed the pace of technology change the profound impact of technology on our clients business and our as well.

Winbold is formed in 2012, primarily as a company to help customers adopt the change that is thrust on them by digital technologies like Cloud, Big data, and Analytics. Although we started as a consulting firm to help customers deal with change, we struggled ourselves to adapt to change in the market place.

Today we hear about employees getting laid off in India IT sector, but we saw that coming since couple of years. When we are talking to clients, we realized that the newer digital technologies need a different type of consultant — a challenger consultant than a partner consultant.

Unfortunately at that time, the consulting firms in India, almost all of them are still drinking the “Trusted Advisor” coolaid. Some consulting firms in US did challenge the customers — and I must give credit to leading firms like McKinsey, who challenged the way their customers are doing business, making technology decisions and executing projects and wanted them to redefine the way they think about technology.

Today the consulting firms, if they want to live in the new world need to embrace a new culture. A culture of challenger consultant, leverage analytics and AI in their consulting, must move from a resource heavy business model (read staffing and body shop) to a asset heavy business model (read research and solution research) and must provide services on digital platforms.

That’s lot of keyword loaded recommendation. What does that mean and how Winbold is implementing these for its consulting business? Next couple of weeks I will publish a set of “True North” paper that will eloborate our strategy and efforts in that direction, and will provide guidence how you can leverage some our ideas and strategies.

Stay tuned.