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Tales from the Bright Light Zone

Beetle on hamster wheel

That’s right. The Bright Light Zone has returned for a second installment on Wind Eggs. Boomers like me were raised on the Twilight Zone, stories of the unnatural, supernatural and extraterrestrial. But we lived through tales from the Bright Light Zone, every day stories of workplace horror, micromanagement, and contradictory directives. These were the tales that inspired my novel Raising Hell, where the tortures of everyday life amplify in the life beyond.

This week you’ll meet:

  • Ainsley, who tortures support line customers with profound indifference (i.e., he answers a tech support line).
  • Josef K, who discovers Kafka’s Metamorphosis wasn’t satire.
  • Cuthbert, who never has time to do his job because he’s too busy replying to emails.
  • Lucille, whose boss expects her to run errands instead of doing her job, some of those errands asking the unspeakable, and
  • Phillip S., yes the Phillip S. who writes all the stories in Wind Eggs with a horror tale about customer support that won’t surprise anyone.

Speaking of Christmas:

Here’s a delightful stocking stuffer for the cynic (some say realist) on your shopping list:



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